Welcome to "This'ill Do" Bahamas Vacation Rental
Welcome to "This'ill Do" Bahamas Vacation Rental


Only fifty minutes from Florida you will find the sunny island of Great Exuma, located in the middle of the Bahama's archipelago. Great Exuma is part of the Exuma chain which consists of 365 islands or keys. These keys stretch 120 miles from the NorthWest to the SouthEast with the two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, forming the Southern tip.

"This ill Do" is located on the Eastern side of Great Exuma (Lat. 23' 32.54 North, Long. 75' 49.92 West), on a two mile long sandy white beach with only a handful of homes scattered nearby. The house is three miles from the airport and five miles from George Town, where shopping and dining can be found.